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Testimonials from Clients of Oceana Bodyworks

A client sent me a thank you card after a particularly helpful session. The card had this amazing feather on the cover so I asked her if I could post it on my website.

I was in the woods with who I thought was the mama owl. I spent a lot of time with her that spring and summer as I had just had to close my LMP practice due to hand surgery. My daughter was off to college and I was not sure what direction I wanted to go. I used to talk to this owl and ask her how on earth she could keep having two or three owlets and care for them so deeply and intensely and then they flew off into their own life after a few months?!!

One day she was on a branch not 10 feet away and above me. She was preening her chest feathers and this fell out! I held out my hand and it floated down into my palm! She had two babies that year and I would like to think that is why she had two hearts on that feather!!

—  Marilyn Aron

I am so  grateful to my clients for their trust, insight and wisdom.

Dear Jana,

(I feel) utterly calm – strong – abundant energy – since my session. Deep well of peace.
Thank you very much.

—  Dr. L.M.

My 2+ years of Craniosacral therapy with Jana was often hard work, but definitely helped send me on the way to a better, more centered life. Our work together taught me how to communicate with my body to get through both the good times and the bad. I learned so much from Jana and will always appreciate our time together.

— Cris P

I just wanted to follow up as the pain in my hands is probably about 20% of where it was yesterday. I am amazed! Thank you so much

— Busy working mom RP

I have visited Jana twice so far and am only at the beginning of my experiences here. I felt safe, understood, and respected while talking with her. I appreciated her insightful suggestions in return. My first session on the table left me feeling like the scene in Spirited Away where Chihiro uncorks the River Spirit from his stink monster sludge and sets him free. It was open and liberating. I am optimistic that Jana can listen to my body and help create a dialogue for healing.

Tess O.

This client comes every two weeks for a “tune-up”:

It feels like coming home… It is nice to have a place where I can totally let it go.

— Dorothy S.

Jana is a compassionate, knowledgable, and skilled practitioner. I have benefitted immensely from the work I have received from her.

— Bethany, LMP, CCST

Thanks again for the treatment on Monday. The knot in my shoulder blade that was really bothering me is 90% better, which is a huge relief.

— Jessica

This is from a mother regarding sessions for her young daughter and herself. Her daughter is coming in for sleeping issues:

Thanks for the great sessions yesterday. (My daughter) was in a very happy, playful mood after we left. We went home and she slept for her usual nap. After, we did some shopping and she was in great spirits. Before bed she was very fussy and loud (more than usual). She quieted down with breastfeeding and went to bed about 15 minutes after her usual time. About an hour and a half later she stirred a few times letting out a big cry/screeching sound a couple of times (I had never heard that sound from her before). She went right back to sleep. She woke up three times during the night and I went in and nursed her back to sleep. Today, she was a little groggy in the morning, but perked up this afternoon. She had a longer than usual nap around 11 am (over an hour!) and fell asleep in her car seat on our way home from her play class (which she absolutely loved!).

I was also feeling happy and peaceful after our session. I was a little anxious just before bed, but that sometimes happens… Today, I’ve been in good spirits for the most part. This morning was hard when (my daughter) was having a difficult time, but after her long nap my mood improved. No headache or anything else of note. I decreased my anxiety medication and have not been feeling more anxious than usual. That makes me VERY happy. I would really like to be off of that medication soon.

— Mary


This work is very different than traditional medicine; you have to be open to it. Some people are more innately open. Being a tough customer it took a while for me to notice improvements. Jana has helped me to become more open. After a number of sessions my hip pain is 80% better. Jana assesses the situation and helps guide me on the best path to wholeness. In my opinion Jana has entered into the “healing” category.

— Tim

Jana, Thanks you for being so caring and understanding. You are very wise and helpful with your thoughts. I also got a good night’s sleep.

— Busy Para-educator

As the knot in my right paraspinals has come and gone over these recent weeks, I didn’t want to jinx it by writing about its resolution prematurely. I feel comfortable writing you at this juncture, now 5 days later, to let you know that your treatment on Thursday allowed whatever was left to finally melt away. Your observations after the session were subtly astute and insightful. It is a tumultuous time right now and the session with you enhanced the cathartic nature of these times for me (large emotional release on Thursday PM). I look forward to sending others your way

— Zoe D., age 35

By the way, the SI joint discomfort I was having before my last appt with you completely resolved! It has been so great.

— JC, pregnant massage therapist

Your presence in the field of bodywork is a true gift to all of us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the sensitive and deep session we did in June. I would recommend your work to any parent or child...

—Bette Lamont, OT, Executive Director, Developmental Movement Therapy Center

Jana is THE best! Her touch, perception, and knowledge are insurmountable.

— Karen

Jana has helped me to overcome a past sports injury, and she has also helped me to continue to strive towards my goals of increased health and overall fitness.

— B.G.

…exquisite attentiveness


I’ve gone to Jana for pre- and post-surgical knee pain, headaches, and a sore back from a fall. I’m not sure how she makes me relax but my pain is gone after 10-20 minutes with Jana. I always ask my Mom to take me to Jana’s when I’m in a lot of pain.

— M. McCarthy, 9th Grade, Seattle

Jana has helped alleviate my pain from tennis elbow and a broken tailbone. I first assume I have to wait out the pain after an injury, then I remember that Jana can help. It’s hard to imagine how she can facilitate the movement of fluid in my body while I lie there relaxing, but somehow it has a definite healing affect.

— L. Satin, busy Mom in N. Seattle

I am awed by the power of cranial sacral therapy to help me integrate my entire being. I arrive feeling like a puzzle with all my pieces jostled out of place. Then, during the session, I feel the pieces righting themselves and settling back into place. I find this effect to be more enduring than any other kind of body work that I have done.

— S. Bensman

In my last cranial/massage session, Jana noticed that my energy seemed very angry. I was not conscious of how angry I was until she asked me. Then it seemed obvious as I was almost trembling. We discussed the situation that brought on the anger as the cranial work continued, and she gave me some advice on how to perhaps defuse such a situation when confronted with it again. The very next day I had an opportunity to use the advice and it worked beautifully!

—Charles Price

Thank you so much for the cranial session. I have to say lots of stuff moved and reorganized. I felt much more balanced. I was spaced out at first but then came home and had lots of energy to work in the yard. It was so nice, I paced myself and didn’t rush. I enjoyed it! My neck is much better, too. Amazing.


Hi Jana,

I’ve been wanting to tell you how grateful I am for our session. I had been to the dentist and my jaw and face had been causing me severe pain. Until our session Sunday I had been taking Tylenol pretty regularly for the pain. And after it, I haven’t needed any pain relievers! Thank you! Thanks again for the superb treatment—you do excellent work.


I am a 54-year-old post-menopausal woman, and have been suffering with migraine headaches for 40 years. My headaches were sporadic but as I approached and passed through menopause the headaches became more frequent until I awoke every morning with a migraine. Some of the headaches sent me screaming to the doctor’s office for shots of Demerol. I tried numerous prescription drugs, acupuncture, changed my diet and exercise routine, drank more water. I discovered that if I took Excedrin every morning it would keep my headache from growing into a full blown migraine. After years of a daily headache-Excedrin cycle, I tried Cranial-Sacral Massage. During my first visit, it seemed to me that the therapy was fairly imaginary, like a laying on of hands, and I left feeling a little skeptical. When I got home, I felt like I was getting the flu, with body aches and fatigue. The very next morning I awoke without a headache. I continued on with the therapy. During the past four months, I have had an occasional headache, but no full-blown migraine. I am so glad I kept looking for help and found it in Cranial-Sacral Massage.

—First Migraine at 14

For about two years Jana has offered me a helpful, new perspective on my health, especially through cranial-sacral therapy. As a busy professional I first used our sessions to relax. More recently I have found that I am paying more attention to my body and intentionally desiring its healing by carefully focusing on “getting there” during the therapy. I can clearly feel the difference. Jana has an interpersonal style that is both direct and respectful.


I had a combination of emotional and physical stress-induced pain in my lower and upper back before I started seeing Jana.

I was a little skeptical of craniosacral therapy, but tried to keep an open mind. On my second session Jana moved my legs around quite a bit. By the time I left I was completely pain free. That lasted for a day or two, then pain returned, but less severe.

On my fourth visit we had a great session. Before this session my pain was most severe in my upper back. By the next day, I felt fabulous. I have been able to resume gardening, house cleaning and aerobic exercise!

Jana has been a great help to me in a relatively short period of time. We worked together to bring me back to my cheerful self!

— Lesley S.

I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. During treatments with Jana, I experience a stillness and surrender deep within my body, along with a nearly indescribable feeling of expansion to what is universal and unspeakable. Jana’s expertise and peaceful presence provides the conduit for the often sought after mind-body-spirit integration.

—Barb L.

Jana: First of all, thanks for the good work you did for me. My knee continues to improve. I’m beginning a jump rope program with no ill effects. I’m jumping at a controlled pace and limited time. My knee appears to be getting stronger. I barely notice any discomfort it at all. What a far cry from when I first consulted you about this problem.

The testimonial - I’m a carpenter by trade and temperament. I have a conservative attitude about medical problems and tend to believe in the AMA party line. That is, if something is wrong, I’ll consult an MD for advice and usually follow it. On the other hand, I hate to take medicine. I’m also something of an athlete. I bike, rock climb, swim, and I run a bit. For fifty years I’ve been pretty healthy and had no major injuries.

This year, I injured my right knee in a series of accidents. I fell on concrete while coaching volleyball, I rode extremely fast on a training ride and fatigued both legs beyond a healthy point, and I twisted the same knee while coaching/playing soccer. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who drained the fluid out of the bursa twice. That helped the bursa, but I still had extreme stiffness and aching. I have friend who is about to graduate from the UW with a degree in physical therapy. He thought I should have the surgeon schedule an MRI and arthroscopic surgery. I wasn’t against this advice at all.

Nonetheless, I consulted Jana. She recommended craniosacral treatment. I was skeptical, but I thought it couldn’t hurt. We met for three craniosacral sessions. I didn’t notice much change in the knee. I secretly made an appointment with the surgeon. By some weird coincidence, I scheduled appointments with Jana and the surgeon for the same time on the same day. I had a choice to make. I paid very close attention to how my knee was feeling. I wasn’t noticing pain nearly as often. I was sleeping all night without being awakened by an aching knee. I rose from a chair, got out of my car, and climbed ladders with no impediment. I decided to see Jana instead of the orthopedic surgeon. Today I’m in the process of building up strength and getting ready for the biking season. I’m confident that I’ll be pain free this year and as strong as ever. I don’t know how craniosacral works, but I don’t know how an MRI works either. The cranial has worked to fix my knee. I recommend it to anybody who is looking for an alternative to traditional medicine.

I found the craniosacral therapy had some other interesting qualities. I’m a veteran of at least 10 years of psycho-therapy. I worked with two therapists about issues from my past that continued to have an effect on my behavior and psyche to this day. It appears to me that the craniosacral work can have good results in this arena too. I found that in the course of two sessions with Jana I discovered two major ideas to ponder very much like ideas that were stimulated in psycho-therapy. I wasn’t visiting Jana to work in this area, but I believe I’ve reaped a benefit just the same. If, at some time in the future, I want to continue to work on these kinds of ideas I’ll surely consider craniosacral therapy.

—Paul Wilkinson