Oceana Bodyworks, PLLC

Jana Panter, ND, CCST    Craniosacral Therapy

Listening To & Honoring Your Complete Self

Practitioner Advocacy

Available for practitioners with a current WA DOH license and Craniosacral Certification

Teaching sessions

Bring in a model or challenging client. We’ll work together, and I’ll share my observations during the treatment time or privately afterwards. Session is 90 minutes.

Cost: $165


Call or come in with questions or concerns and we’ll discuss together. Phone consults can be split into two 45-minute sessions. Session is 90 minutes.

Cost: $165


Jana offers guidance and support for Craniosacral Practitioners.

Six-Month Plan Includes:

  • One 60-minute phone call/month
  • Weekly articles discussing pertinent topics
  • Four emails/month to answer your questions
  • One 90-minute joint session with model or client

Cost: $500

Jana Panter has been my CST mentor since 2007. I utilize her support most often when I am feeling “stuck” with a client. She listens deeply to what I share and asks great questions, helping me explore CST as a practitioner, so the next time I am feeling stuck, I can better guide myself in the moment and better help my clients. I always leave a mentoring session with at least one, if not more, different approaches to try out based on Jana’s guidance and suggestions. Having her as mentor has boosted my confidence as a practitioner and expanded my capacity as a touch therapist.

—  Jess, L.Ac.

I have known Jana professionally for over 15 years, 6 of those as my mentor for my craniosacral therapy practice. Jana contains qualities that I wanted in a mentor to help support my growth as a practitioner. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, respectful, and has a grounding and calm demeanor. Jana takes the time and care to answer questions, whether it is around my own personal edges as a practitioner or a question about a session with a client. Jana’s experience provides insight and considerations through a craniosacral lens for specific health conditions, age considerations, past or present traumas held in the body, and techniques to help better serve my clients. As a result, I have gained more confidence, skills and knowledge as a craniosacral therapist. I highly recommend Jana as a mentor for this work.

— Bethany Bachmann, C.C.S.T., L.M.P., Hakomi Psychotherapy Training Graduate