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Jana Panter, ND, CCST    Craniosacral Therapy

Listening To & Honoring Your Complete Self

Forthcoming Book

Dr. Panter has written a book about her 18 years of Craniosacral Therapy practice and is in the process of getting it published.

What If You Could? (WIYC) is a clear, informative, and compelling guide to the principles, practicalities, therapeutic and personal benefits of Cranial. Through over one hundred real client sessions, anecdotes, essays, the story of my personal healing path, and even a few fables it shows the amazing healing power of our bodies. What If You Could? elucidates and motivates, enticing people to pursue healthier health care.

See Jana’s Blog for session stories and more.

I read your sample 20 pages and outline with interest. The topic is fascinating, and you definitely have a knack for explaining some of the practical and more mysterious aspects of your work, as well as for relating anecdotes and scenes involving clients. The voice is clear and approachable and your enthusiasm and seriousness is something I found engaging.

Developmental editor
Barbara Sjoholm