Oceana Bodyworks, PLLC

Jana Panter, ND, CCST    Craniosacral Therapy

Listening To & Honoring Your Complete Self

New Client Information

Download an adult or child  client information form
to fill out before your first appointment:

Making the Most of  Your Session

Before you arrive:

For your first session, please download and fill out the health history form ahead of time, and bring it with you to the session.

Plan plenty of time to arrive on time.

Come in well hydrated and not too hungry or full.

No stimulants such as coffee or cigarettes.

Wear, or bring along, comfortable, warm clothing.

Think about what you would most like to accomplish during the session.

The office is located inside a studio that requests shoes be left in the lobby. Please bring a pair of slippers or thick socks.

Enter the studio and please have a seat. I’ll come to the front and greet you there.

During your Bodywork:

Be honest about what you want and how it is going.

Speak up if you’re cold or something is uncomfortable.

Ask questions.

It is fine for infants and young children to sit in parent’s lap, on the floor or even move about the room. Nursing, reading to them or playing gently with them is beneficial.

While on the table people have a wide variety of sensations. Typical descriptions include:
sinking or floating, tingling, pulsing, feeling strong emotions or deeply relaxed.

Comments from clients as they get up off the table include: my pain is gone, I feel lighter, calmer, more energetic and clearer. I felt respected and supported.

After your Bodywork:

Take a few minutes to relax before you refocus on the rest of your day.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Breathe deeply to sustain the benefits of your treatment.

Stay warm.

In bed at night and the next morning, do gentle stretching.

Pay attention to the changes in your body.

Notice how these changes enhance your life.

Focus on wellness.

Ballard Neighborhood Doctors patients receive a $40 discount for a First Office Call.

I have a very demanding job, and it seems that taking care of other people and doing any volunteer work always comes before taking care of myself. I was a pretty active athlete before I suffered a major accident, so I learned to endure any pains such as sprains or bruises from playing any sports. I started to see Jana when a sprained ankle never seemed to get any better, even after trying several treatments over the course of several months. I was a bit skeptical of Craniosacral Therapy, but I was willing to try anything. I still see her today, and my initial skepticism is gone for two reasons: It really helps me both mentally and physically. I really appreciate and respect Jana’s honesty in her straightforward approach to the Therapy. She did not over-promise as to what it could do, but I find that it has done wonders for me. Her down to the earth approach and openness is something I don’t experience with (other) doctors. Thank you!

— Junko