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Listening To & Honoring Your Complete Self

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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy works with fluid that is in every cell of the body, with the biggest pools of fluid in the top (cranium) and bottom (sacral) of the spine. Craniosacral therapy (CST) engages the body’s own natural rhythms and healing abilities—acting as a catalyst to enhance the body’s process in every dimension—physical mental, spiritual, and emotional.

Each person’s healing ways are completely individual and optimal. Everyone’s body has its own unique method and pace of healing. As the body and/or mind releases, the painful processes begin to dissolve, freeing up energy. In most cases, the more complex the physical symptoms, the more cumulative the benefits of CST.

My role as the therapist is to “listen” to the body, providing witness, validation, affirmation, touch, and support. While the body determines the healing path, I facilitate the progression. Working together the results are profound, for both specific problems and one’s energy and sense of well-being.

What happens in a Craniosacral Therapy session?

In the first session, before we begin treatment, we take a moment to get acquainted, we discuss your health history and concerns, and I answer your CST questions. In return sessions we discuss your health changes since the last session. Then, with clothes on, you lie comfortably on the table and relax. For pregnant women and others requiring it, there are support cushions to ensure your comfort on the table.

Engaging very gentle touch, I use my hands to “listen” to your body, usually starting at your feet. I may “listen” in one place for most of the session or move my hands several times, depending on what your body expresses. I may work anywhere on your body except sexual organs and anywhere you don’t feel comfortable having touched.

Can Craniosacral Therapy help me?

I work with all populations including:

Newborns and children to adults and the elderly

Family members together

People coming in for maintenance and prevention

People on the spectrum

People who are transgender or gender nonconforming

People with chronic conditions or are terminally ill

Oceana Bodywork has helped clients with:

Musculoskeletal problems: sports injuries, motor vehicle injuries, joint pain,
aches and pains of pregnancy, jaw issues

​​Birth or Bonding issues

Headaches: stress, migraines, and sinus

Digestive problems: IBS, sluggish digestion, infant feeding problems

Pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery

Insomnia, depression, anxiety, ​anger resolution, concentration problems

Abuse issues (childhood, sexual, addictions)

Grief and loss

Craniosacral Therapy is remarkably gentle and profoundly effective.



“I pride myself on honoring each individual client and their unique circumstances.

I appreciate and respect the human body’s amazing ability to heal, and feel honored to witness and support people’s healing process.”

Dr. Jana Panter is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician (’88) and certified Craniosacral Therapist (’99).

She studies and assists in teaching Craniosacral classes with both local practitioners and the internationally acclaimed Upledger Institute. She mentors craniosacral practitioners, teaches classes, leads support groups, and speaks to interest groups about Craniosacral Therapy.

Jana lives with her family in North Seattle. She likes to bike to work, garden, walk her dogs, and practice Pilates at Pilates Into Life, where her office is located.

Learn more about Dr. Panter’s Craniosacral Education.